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Phobias, while life-limiting, are actually quite easy to get rid of, Antonia Boyle, NLP Master Practitioner, tells you why...


With the holiday season on the horizon, it's a good time to look at Fear of Flying and Phobias in general.

When people seek help for these fears and phobias,  I usually asked them how they respond to escalators, enclosed spaces (such as lifts/ theatre/ cinema/underground trains/ tunnels etc.).

You might wonder why I ask such a question?  In my work with phobia-removal, I've found that the great majority of people with flying phobias are not terrified of ‘falling out of the sky’, but are terrified that if something untoward happened, they would feel 'trapped in a situation with nothing they could do to get out of it'. They often feel this same kind of ‘helpless, panicky feeling’ in unrelated enclosed spaces. They are, in fact, experiencing claustrophobia. The base line of this feeling is about not being in control of their circumstances and not being able to take charge and do something about it.

Phobias have the nasty habit of generalising. The mind does not reason and say "No this is not an aeroplane, but only a lift”. Instead the sub or unconscious mind recognises the possibility of being ‘locked’ in and will start the warning signs early on, well before the actual event. Before you realise what's happening, you could start to avoid all manner of transport where there is no obvious way of exit. This type of phobia can have a devastating effect on everyday life as you can imagine or will know if it's something you suffer with. However, they are really easy to resolve for an experienced NLP therapist - a practiced NLP Master Practitioner should be able to shift a phobia within one to three sessions.

The reason Phobias are so easy to ‘cure’ is because they all follow the same pattern, regardless of whether the phobia has been experienced for a long or short time. In essence, the unconscious mind of the phobic, creates a picture of the 'perceived threat' whenever they come into contact with the source of their fear. This triggers an immediate physical response.  Read More. The encounter can be real or just a thought. An experienced NLP Master Practitioner can help a phobic to change the mental picture and consequently change and remove the feeling (fear). I really love helping people to get rid of their phobias. They can be so destructive and at the same time so easy to remove.

Created by Richard Bandler, one of the originators of NLP, 'The 5 Minute Phobia Cure' didn't get its name for nothing. If you would like to know more, please do get in touch or email me directly This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

"I am doing well with snakes. My son tested me by showing me graphic photos on the internet and he was amazed at my reaction (or lack of it). I do feel I have a right to be here now, which I did not before. It is surprising how daily I come across something ‘snake like’ and I don’t feel in the grip of that sickness. It had a bigger impact on my life than I imagined."
Lorraine Oaks 11/03/06

Antonia says: After using Lorraine as a ‘volunteer’ guinea pig during a course, she got rid of the snake phobia in about 5 minutes flat. Lorraine had lived with this phobia for many years and it had significantly  held her back in other parts of her life.. Since then she has trained to be a yoga teacher. She told Antonia that she could not have done that whilst she had the phobia!

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Antonia Boyle, Westerham, Kent