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Article in Westerham & Oxted Life November 2014


Wellbeing Articles

successroundedAlpha Waves brings you a series of articles with wellbeing in mind …

1) What Happened to The New Year's Resolutions? Read More>
2) How to Flourish Under Pressure... Read More>
3) Be At One with Meditation... Read More>
4) Mind Reading - is it the route to physical & mental stress? Read More>
5) Feet First - Tadasana, The Mountain Pose Read More>
6) Chakras - The link between, mind, body & behaviour Read More>
7) Check Your Fear of Flying in the Hold Read More>
8) How to Achieve Your Goals in 7 Steps Read More>
9) The Leg Bone's Connected to the Heel Bone Read More>
10) Your Immune System Knows You Better than You Know Yourself Read More>



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