Alpha Waves 7 Steps to Achieve Your Goals Audio Programme

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cd57 Steps to Achieve Your Goals with Antonia Boyle, is a 26 minute goal-setting meditation that is informed by NLP and inspired by the chakras. It's suitable for anyone but is particularly good for those that have repeatedly tried, yet failed, to achieve their goals. 

In my role as a NLP Master Practitioner, health, relaxation and yoga specialist, I have specific experience of exploring and balancing the chakras as well as using powerful NLP techniques to bring about positive change. It's amazing how the two systems work in harmony and often cross over. In this simple yet effective walking meditation, I have combined the principles of both to create a wonderfully atmospheric way, for you to plan and achieve your goals

The walking* format allows you to fully experience each step in a different place and engage all of your senses. This aspect, combined with creative visualisation and skilled use of NLP suggestions throughout, will work on your unconscious mind to embed hopes, dreams and patterns of behaviour. The meditation will help you to imagine your goals in real time and experience what it's like to achieve them. It gives new meaning to the phrase 'seeing is believing'. And, once you really believe something you're 99% there!

*Only a small amount of space is required, however, if walking is not possible, due to physical or spatial limitations, you can simply use your imagination to access the process.

Read more about NLP and The Chakras or Get in Touch if you have any questions.

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Music composed and produced by Jake Boyle at Vocalwise Studios
Music ©Jake Boyle 2014.
Spoken word created by Antonia Boyle, produced by Toby Boyle at
Spoken word ©Alpha Waves Productions 2014.