Where & When is NLP Useful?

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When is NLP useful?

Have you ever asked yourself why you are not getting the success you wanted? In NLP there is a belief that this could be because you are actually very good at 'not getting' what you want! A NLP practitioner will help you to uncover what kind of programme you are running, internally and unconsciously, which is responsible for this negative outcome. Using powerful NLP techniques and informal conversation your practitioner will be able to help you to change your psychological programme. In turn this will allow you to succeed and achieve your desired outcomes. 

NLP studies have modelled successful professionals who have held unconscious self-limiting beliefs that they would never earn more than a certain amount. With the help of a NLP coach they were able to alter the pattern (or structure) of their beliefs to the point where they believed 'the sky was the limit'; they went on to generate an amazing increase in income for themselves and their employers, demonstrating the effectiveness of these techniques.

In the field of sport, at the highest levels, it is often not capabilities or skills that prevent individuals and teams from being the best. At the top of any profession there is usually very little difference in the quality of skills and performance, but people may hold self-limiting beliefs on an unconscious level. It is this, which stops them getting to the very top and It's not enough to sit a person down, point to their evident skills and tell them they can do it. A NLP practitioner can help them uncover the structures of their limiting beliefs and enable them to change these structures by using well-researched and effective techniques.

NLP is used extensively in all areas of commerce and education. The power of NLP to generate and maintain rapport is incredible, both via one to one communication, training and at group presentations.

In the field of health, NLP makes many contributions. Mind and body work in unison. By applying the same NLP principles to health issues as to other areas of your life, you can make many positive changes to your state of wellbeing, both physical and mental.