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Coaching is about effecting change; It’s about developing your abilities and helping you to fulfil your potential. It is often about showing you that there is a different way to approach life and to achieve your goals. 

You may already possess all the skills and attributes that you need to take the next step, but for some reason you are not? This could be because you are feeling stuck and need some direction and support in order to succeed. 

Coaching can provide the impetus you need to take the next step and move your life forward. This may involve learning new skills or you might discover that you already have the skills you need.  They just need to be reviewed and refined for the task in hand as well as the future. Often, our skills are taken very much for granted and we don’t even recognise that we have valuable qualities and skills already in place – Alpha Waves coaching  is designed to shine the light on your hidden talents. 

Once you have assessed and defined your capabilities you can begin to apply these to your approach and your goals.  You will find that you can you can move on and will have more control and influence over a successful outcome. 

At Alpha Waves International we integrate NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) with our one to one coaching. This has distinct advantages for you: 

  • It’s quick.
  • NLP is simple in its application.
  • It enables you to reach your goals while upholding your personal values.
  • It enables you to become “unstuck”.
  • It gives you the skills, belief and opportunity to change your approach, if what you’re doing now doesn’t work for you.

At Alpha Waves, your coach, Antonia, has a wealth of actual experience, coaching a great variety of people for a great variety of reasons. Antonia has helped people achieve what they want to achieve, in business and their personal lives, since 1985.  It’s clear to see that the inclusion of NLP makes a big difference to success. 

It’s the difference that will make the difference for you.

Please contact us to arrange a session or find out more.