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The unconscious mind processes the result of trauma in exactly the same way as it does a phobia. The mind remembers the event and each time the memory occurs, the mind, body and emotions respond as if the traumatic event is still happening.  Sufferers often experience vivid flashbacks as if they are experiencing the trauma all over again in real life. This can happen while awake or asleep. 

NLP has proved an extremely effective technique, which is known to facilitate healing in this condition. 

NLP can also be used to aid faster physical recovery following the trauma of an accident or surgery. 

Antonia has helped many clients to recover from surgery and accidents in double-quick time. Following her own knee replacement operation in 2007, Antonia performed the technique on herself.  The results were impressive – she recovered without the need for pain relief, because, to the amazement of medical staff there was no pain!  Antonia walked without sticks after 10 days and ran a training course after 14 days. 

Please contact us to help you remove or reduce negative emotions associated with a traumatic event – emotional or physical.