How is it used in training & coaching

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How NLP is used in training & coachingEven the scientific community has accepted that there is a mind/body connection. Mind and body are one.

So, every single thought that passes through your mind affects every single cell in your body.

According to Dr. Deepak Chopra, we can actually speak of sad and happy cells!

‘Sad cells’ lower the effectiveness of the immune system.

The above implies that by changing your thinking patterns you have the power to change your physical state. The reverse is also true. Uncontrolled mental stress for example, releases chemicals in the body that affect the immune system in a negative way. NLP techniques can help you to create a physical and mental state that gives your immune system the optimum chance to protect you from illness.

NLP is excellent in removing causes and symptoms of physical and mental problems. In reality the list is endless, but here are some examples:

Allergies, including Hay fever and Asthma, digestive problems, headaches, muscular pain, mental and physical trauma, a quicker healing process after illness or surgery, etc.

Panic attacks, Phobias and fears, relationship problems, compulsive behaviour such as nail biting, eating disorders, unresolved grief, giving up addictions such as smoking, recreational drugs, alcohol, etc.

NLP works very quickly. This is the reason why some traditional psychotherapists sometimes express doubts about its unbelievable results.

The number of consultations is different from person to person. However it is quite common for a long-standing phobia or allergy to be shifted in one to three consultations.