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Antonia Boyle of Alpha Waves Presents

Breathe, Relax & Meditate

Sunday 14 July 2019 | 10am - 2pm
Westerham Hall, Quebec Avenue, Westerham, Kent TN16 1BG
Cost £40


Three easy steps to Untangle your Mind and Relax your Body: Breathe, Relax & Meditate


During this four hour practical workshop you will become aware of the quality of your own breathing patterns and learn, if necessary, how to breathe better. Many people breathe poorly, habitually - this can result in feelings of stress, anxiety, exhaustion and many other health issues. You will learn more about the benefits of  breathing well and practise some breathing exercises.

Neuroscience research has indicated that having the tools to change your breathing patterns during times of stress can increase your awareness, promote relaxation and help you to sleep better.  Not surprisingly, there is evidence that adopting a healthier pattern of breathing has a positive influence on general health and wellbeing.


You will learn a method of relaxation that is easy to follow, which can be practiced at home. In support of this workshop you will also receive a Relaxation CD for home use.

Once we have explored breathing and relaxation we will move onto:


Clients often tell me that they can’t stop their mind from thinking. They key is to learn how to manage your mind so you can be at one with your thoughts. To meditate effectively, you first need to be breathing calmly and feeling relaxed, this will make it far easier to experience a state of Meditation. I will introduce you to three different meditation techniques. It is essential to find out which type suits you best as we all ‘process our brain’ in a different way. This will help you to discover which way you operate your brain.

Numbers will be restricted, so to guarantee a place, please either send a non-returnable cheque for £40.00 (Payable to Antonia Boyle) to the address below, or book via PayPal  on the button below:


Alpha Waves PDS, Old Rose House,65 High Street, Westerham, Kent TN16 1RE

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